11 September 2012

Handed In


Long time, no post.  I've now finished and submitted my thesis.  It's difficult to describe the relief and the euphoria of that weight lifting from my shoulders!  I'm looking to the many tasks I've put on hold pending my submission, that I expect I'll be even busier than before, but at least I won't be writing.  Yes, I have to defend my work in cross examination, but I know my stuff and an that in comparison to writing up should be a doddle and hope to only get minor corrections.

I'll try and not repeat my extended break from posting - I could have posted what I've been researching, but it's sufficiently off topic from my adventures into 3D printing (or not) with the SumPod, as to be irrelevant.

I see Mr Sum, has been busy with some notable changes in the design.
Take care all.
SumPod Guinea Pig

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