12 November 2012

Touching Two Continents

Hi all,

November started with my PhD viva - the defense of my previous few years of research.  The cross examination undertaken by experts in the field concealed threat detection was successful and pending correction of some typos, I gain the title of Doctor.

Since then I've been on holiday to Iceland and scuba dived Silfra Crack.  These dives were kind of special, not only because the site is a UNESCO world heritage site of geological uniqueness and outstanding beauty, but I completed my hundredth logged dive there.

Touching Two Continents in Silfra Crack
Silfra Crack is regarded as one of the finest dive sites in the world.  Part of Thingvellir Lake and located in Thingvellir National Park, Silfra Crack is the only place you can dive between and simultaneously touch two tectonic plates, those supporting the America and Eurasian continents.

The water is pure glacial melt-water providing unsurpassed visibility and the threat of hypothermia.  At 2°C it's very cold, thankfully topside air temperature was equally cold so I didn't overheat.  Afterwards I enjoyed a relaxing warm swim (one of many) at a local geothermal pool to recover feeling in my extremities. 

Silfra Cauldron

More photos to follow and this weeks top tip:  If you enjoy seafood and get the chance to visit Iceland, then do so, the range and quality are world class.

SumPod Guinea Pig


  1. Congratulations on getting your Ph.D! And that diving looks incredible. Are you planning to post anything new about your Sumpod? I still haven't started assembling my kit, but I'm always keen to see what people are doing with theirs.


    John :^P

    1. Thank you, however I've only just received the final confirmation, it's a long and involved process. I am now officially a Doctor. I am of two minds whether to post more about the SumPod because of my treatment and later the thoroughly rude emails I received from Mr Sum. Also, I never received all the parts for my kit or the second hotend and adapters I paid for despite chasing Mr Sum. I was an early adopter and there wasn't even a parts list to check my kit against didn't help. I hope Mr Sums's level of customer service has improved dramatically. Even if I recommend the SumPod (difficult without a complete and working system), I would advise having nothing to do with Mr. Sum.

      However, any advice I could give about assembly would relate to the first version of the SumPod, the version with SumPod engraved on the back of the chassis. That being said I would recommend you check out Air Trippers blog for setup and calibration - because I can't find even that basic information on the SumPod website.

      I have one of AirTripper's extruders that I intend to incorporate into my own Rostock build. I hope some of this helps.