25 January 2012

Hello World GLCD Version

I thought people may be interested in another hello world LCD demo, but instead of using a standard alphanumeric display, I'm using a snazzy graphical one.  The display is only black and white.  Control could consist of only a couple of pins and a port expander.

I fully intend to use this circuitry and software in my robotics and RFID projects, but wondered if rather than using a larger alphanumeric display with the new menu system, a graphical display might be more suitable.  I'm not sure how much info needs to be displayed so I'm open to ideas.  Ideas on a postcard please - okay use the comments section below instead.

My code is an adapted version of the sample code from the Arduino website.  Is a GLCD the next logical step for the SumPod?  Let me know what you think.

SumPod Guinea Pig is sleepy.


  1. Please let us know how this is going for you. Those of us with new kits are trying to know what mods we should make to accommodate new features. For example making a cutout for a larger display, and rotary encoder, prior to paint/assembly.

    Thanks for your stack-able header recommendation and links. Mine were delivered today :)

  2. Hi Roulette,
    Thanks for commenting. My progress stalled last year, when I discovered significant missing parts in my kit. I'm still chasing Richard for these parts, see my other posts for details and I'm optimistic I'll get them. I'm glad you found the stackable headers tip useful. :)

    Onto your question of mods, I think people will initially adopt are the Z axis handle, rotary switch encoder, SD card, speaker and build light. Of these I will be making cutouts for only the rotary switch and handle. The SD card I will just tuck under the box. Anything more than that, including the GLCD I expect to be part of an external control box, as proposed at http://3d-printer-kit.com/?p=478

    My list of anticipated future enhancements include:
    Internal lights
    24-32V opertaion of heaters and steppers providing vastly superior performance.
    More accurate
    More print heads
    Heated chamber
    Single PSU
    Heated print bed - Universal
    Humidity sensor
    SumPod stepper motor theme tune - a favorite
    Capacitive touch sensitive safety interlocks - no interlocks at the moment...
    Auto Z leveling - ShopBot
    Auto bed levelling and software/G-Code compensation
    Four axis operation
    Extrusion of different materials
    Laser cutter - Sypher
    Pen adaptor - Sypher
    yadah, yahdah, yahdah I could go on all day...

    But until I have a working SumPod (I very envious of the progress others are making) I am in 'SumPod limbo'.

    Good luck