17 January 2012

No Show

The parcel containing my missing SumPod parts and the new hotend Mk2 was supposed to arrive no later than Friday.  It has yet to arrive, which was unfortunate because I was looking forward to finishing my SumPod and using it during last weekend.

I have contacted Richard to find out when (a) the parcel was sent and (b) what class of post was used.  So far I know only that "it was sent like the others using royal mail."  I haven't blogged about this before, because I really hoped the parcel was simply delayed and would arrive on Saturday or Monday.  It didn't and nor, as of now, has it arrived today.

As an aside, since I last blogged my SumPod forum account (Fixer) has been disabled and my access to the SumPod website blocked.  I hope this is just coincidence.

Update 18 Jan 2012
My IP is no longer blocked.

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