24 January 2012

A week on

Hi all,

My SumPod sits there in a box, glum and lifeless.  What is the cause of this malady, you enquire.  Is it the the economic downturn or the cold grey mornings?  No, guess again.  Maybe because yesterday was the most depressing day of the year?  Still no.  Okay last guess - did the promised parcel of missing SumPod parts arrive?  Unfortunately, no it didn't and that's not for a lack of chasing - what an unfortunate state of affairs.

So I am left pondering my options and remember ruefully when I created this blog, it was to share my experiences and document the build of my SumPod, not to talk about its inventor and supplier Richard Sum.

Suffice to say I'd like to have a working machine and start making things.  I'm confident this is going to happen one way or another.  This blog for a start would be a more colourful place with images of my 'creations' as I attempt to calibrate my SumPod. :)  But in the meantime I remain positive and as the saying goes 'every cloud has a silver lining' - the SumPod would make a lovely paper weight, just check out the paint job, that even a large piece of paper in a force ten gale could not escape. That and the helpful staff at the Office of Fair Trading.


  1. If you search here for "Sumpod" you will find his company information for Sumpod Ltd.:
    The office of fair trading might request this information.

    I'm sorry to say this but you're not alone, I'm missing some parts aswell and it looks like the new orders that are arriving at the customers now have some parts missing here and there aswell :-(

    It's been half a year now that the first people paid and still don't have no complete machines.

  2. Hi sadbot. I suggest you identify exactly which parts are missing using the pick list, downloadable from the SumPod website. Then email Richard with the details.

    Be aware the latest pick list may not be appropriate for your SumPod depending upon it's generation. For example, my SumPod is a first generation and has spacer nuts instead of a feeder spacer. The community wiki is a great resource and contains an image of the mdf parts: http://sumpod.jumpwiki.com/wiki/File:MDFLayout.png