11 October 2011

Alone3 and SumPod Painting Part 1

I've split this post into two parts and they each deserve the space.

The build up of work to last weekend was well worth it.  Alone3, the third in a series of 24 hour time-in scifi LARP events was an unqualified success.  Although hard work for the crew, particularly the Monsters, whose roles varied from playing terrorists to aliens, it was a lot of fun to run and the player feedback has been positive.  The Monster crew have my thanks and appreciation for their efforts, and also to those who turned up to bolster the Monster Team for the event's finale, in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Wookie's costuming and prosthetics were up to his usual high standard and everything went without a hitch, at least as far as the players were concerned. :)
For anyone interested I will post links when pictures of the event are available online.  The first.

Here are a couple of initial shots (all rights of the relevant owner are reserved).  The first few shots were taken through the tinted masks worn by the players.

The Base Manager has an unconventional  management style
I need sleep
A squad of marines
An alien snacks on a careless marine

Three aliens wait in ambush

The players made good headway against the 'local inhabitants' while investigating the silence of the previous marine base garrison.  
A lovely shot of the Queen.  She is a magnificent 15 feet tall when rearing up...
With a dozen robots making a appearances early on and joining the final gunfight, (due to players choices) only a few lucky players managed to escape.  At least they had a chance to escape - the base manager had no such luck having been recently executed as a traitor.  Cleaning the fake blood from the ceiling was fun...
One of a dozen robots.
The led chaser eye significantly hampered visibility, but looked great from the outside!
That's enough Alone3 goodness for now.  Alone4 to 8 are already in the planning.  <evil snigger>

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