03 October 2011

SumPod PSU and Steppers

As promised here are pictures and details of the PSU supplied with the SumPod.  A universal input with a rated output of 12VDC@5A.

The PSU has a standard IEC connection for the mains input and notably the SumPod does not come with a power lead.  I asked Richard why and he feels and I agree with him, in hindsight, that since SumPods are being distributed throughout the world and this type of lead is cheaply and readily available locally.  It's just not worth trying to stock all the different types and the IEC connector is universal.
Yay for common sense, however be aware that you will need one!

The business end of the PSU.  I suspect I will be building the PSU to to the base of the SumPod and have a IEC connection on the back of the SumPod.  I dislike having extra PSUs trailing about; I already have enough wiring clutter without adding to it.  Doing so will remove the reliance upon a DC jack to carry 5A, snipping off the end and wiring directly to the RAMPS board (if the IEC socket has a switch) or the supplied switch.

A single model of stepper motor is used by the SumPod.  The SY42STH47-1684A, a hybrid stepper motor with 1.8 degrees-per-step and a high holding torque of 4.4 Kg-cm (43.15N-cm), supplied by Zapp Automation.

With very long leads!  Far more than I was reasonably expecting considering the size of the SumPod.

That's it for now, 
SumPod Guinea Pig signing off.

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