02 October 2011

More SumPod Pictures

Hi all!

I preparation for painting the SumPod I have taken many more pictures.  Some of which are below and the rest can be found through this link.

Another shot of the main parts with the feeder (the correct name for the back assembly) in two.

Keep the nuts and bolts from the feeder safe, because I don't think there are spares in the kit.

The main body.

Left side




Top looking in toward the back panel
The joints on the main body are tight, which is good but require a little sanding work to provide a suitable base for a great painted finish.

Virtually all of the rounded edges are a little rough and take no more than a few strokes with some fine glass paper to smooth.

Z Axis Stepper Fixing

Another picture of the joints of the main body.  I'm wearing gloves because unusually for the UK in October it's a stifling 29°C with no breeze and I don't want to get sweat and grease on the the MDF.  Not that I suffer from this, I normally smell of roses.  :)
It maybe a good idea anyway, depending on your climate because MDF has a tendancy to suck up moisture and oils (and paint) like a sponge particularly on the edges .  Removing these stains requires more sanding  to remove (unneccesary work) so the paint can adhere properly.

I had a visitor while I was working and thought it a shame not to include this picture of Murphy, the smooth haired fox terrier.
Hello Murphy!

That's pretty much it of for the moment, the next post will have info on the PSU.

SumPod Guinea Pig signing off.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and the commentary. Have you picked a color scheme yet?

  2. Brilliant white. I'm glad you like the post.