03 October 2011

SumPod site under maintenance

Site under maintenance

How am I supposed to get my SumPod forum fix now?  It was down last night and it's still down now.  I can only assume the assembly instructions are being uploaded, in time for the delivery of the first few lucky SumPod owners.  Me I'm just flying blind and relying on my 'natural engineering tendancies', ho hum.  There's good reason for this blog's tile, I am the SumPod Guinea Pig (and loving it).

Nevertheless news of this blog needs to get out.  How else will people know where to order their free samples of stackable headers from Samtec in time for their SumPod builds?

Patience is a virtue I'm told.  I'm told many things, not all of them are correct or turn out to be true.
SumPod Pig signing off.


  1. Already made my stackable pin header order. Samples 4TW! This sample business is new to me. I just made a sample order lat week for all kinds of fun stuff from Texas Instruments. I'm looking forward to the PCB milling adventures that lie ahead of me.

  2. And now the site seems to have disappeared altogether... My Samtec samples arrived embarrassingly quickly. Thanks for that suggestion! I too am hoping to achieve chemical-free PCB production thanks to my SumPod (when it finally arrives).

  3. Actually, false alarm - the sumpod.com site is up & running now. And I just had a call from Richard to allay any fears I might've had. I know he's doing his best, and the SumPods will be ready when they're ready...

  4. You're right, the SumPods will be ready when their ready. I've been to the unit and it's real just as Richard is at pains to make clear, even when I was standing in the where he makes the SumPods.